A new home for
your organisation’s

When it comes to applications and data
hosted on legacy platforms, we help
you move, modernise and integrate

LDC Via database viewer

Are you still
running IBM

We have a replacement app
and can migrate your data too!

Make the most of a
modern document store

Access your data any way
you like with LDC Via

LDC Via document viewer
We liberate your organisation’s knowledge in three easy steps

LDC Via provides an ideal new home for data and applications previously hosted on IBM Notes® & Domino®.


Bring your Domino data into the modern age using our on-line and desktop utilities.

Take control of your organisation’s data, leave the cruft behind, and enjoy a new, more open future.


With a few simple configuration options, you can make use of:

  • Pre-defined templates for standard Domino applications
  • A customisable user interface to work with your data
  • Document-level security and simple user management


Access your data however you like. Banish proprietary client software and out-moded user interfaces.

Make use of platforms that make your developers happy, and let them produce software that your customers and staff enjoy using.