Your data

Whether migrated using our web application or a local installation of the Java utility, your data is safe and sound. All content is stored in a resilient, backed-up MongoDB instance, with our application layer (and its in-built security) on top.

Application layer

LDC Via offers a comprehensive programming model to make the most of your organisation’s data: a RESTful API provides secure access to everything you need, and you can build a new front-end to your data using whatever technology you wish—our own LDC Via Lens offering lets you build a simple interface with no code at all!

There are many reasons why an organisation would want to take advantage of the possibilities offered by LDC Via. Here are some of the more common use-cases:
  • Speed up existing Domino applications by off-loading data to the LDC Via platform.
  • Move data from Domino into a document store more suited to an organisation’s defined IT architecture plans with minimal upheaval.
  • Manage the “push” of data from inside the firewall to the outside world (e.g. for suppliers and clients).
  • Use LDC Via as an alternative document store for data that would otherwise languish in an application or environment which has been retired.
  • A simple application archive solution: LDC Via’s document store coupled with its web-based data viewer and query engine make for an effective archive (especially combined with our standard application templates).
LDC Via is more than a simple migration tool. The application layer permits full document security, as you are used to in Domino. We also secure the database so that only the accounts that you specify have access to the data.
You can either read your data using our web-based utility, or you can use our full-featured application layer. You can also use our templates for common applications such as discussions, document libraries and read-only mail.
Your data is kept extremely secure, but it is available to you from all over the world. You control the accounts that can access your data, and we log all activity so you can see who is doing what.
We offer two ways to import data. If your server is internet-facing and has Domino Data Services enabled then we can read the data directly. Simply provide a username and password, sit back and watch it all happen. But if you don’t have an internet-facing server, then we have a Java utility that you can download and configure which will perform the migration for you.
As an administrator, you always have the ability to delete individual documents, entire collections of documents or indeed whole databases.
Absolutely, our application layer will allow you to export the data in a number of formats—and of course it resides in the world-class document store, MongoDB.


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We take data security very seriously. From the migration, to the storage and provisioning of your data, we make sure every element is as secure as possible.