There’s more to your application portfolio than data and security. Workflow, integration points, and other unique aspects of your environment, can all be a devil to migrate successfully. The longer an application has been active—and many Domino applications have been running for one, perhaps two decades—the truer this is.

However, we can help you with that challenge: LDC Via consultants have decades of consultancy experience in developing, maintaining and supporting enterprise applications. When you use our consultancy services, you have access to all that experience.

In addition to our free “Bootstrap” package for all sign-ups, we offer four core levels of consultancy:

Quick start

  • 2 hours screen-share
  • Our awesome support services
  • We’ll work with you to get started

Up & running

  • 2 days on-site
  • Our awesome support services
  • We’ll work with you to get started

Full review

£Contact us
  • Investigation & analysis of your existing apps
  • Includes “Up & running”
  • Full functional & technical plan for your migration

Silver bullet

£Contact us
  • Full conversion of your apps to an open, standard web app using LDC Via
  • Includes “Up & running” and “Full review”
  • Your converted apps will have functional and visual parity: we take care of the lot


All prices are exclusive of VAT where applicable. For on-site plans, pricing does not include expenses.

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For these tariffs, get in touch: there are lots of variables at this level, including number and complexity of applications to migrate.