Working with a better team

For some time now Exhilarate Ltd. ( has been doing all of its work with LDC Via (formerly The London Developer Co-op) and its flagship product LDC Via, so it made sense to just merge my website’s content with theirs, as together we can do so much more for you.

So what do we do?

In addition to writing our own applications, we create custom software, web sites, mobile web applications and full-fledged business solutions for other people. We offer ad hoc consultancy, development training, hosting and software maintenance services too.

LDC Via is made up of a group of like-minded creative analyst developers looking to provide quality service to their clients, whilst maintaining a friendly approach and that reliable “small business” feel.

We take your goals as personal challenges, rather than treating you as just another faceless client, and each member of LDC Via can draw on equally-skilled and experienced colleagues to meet your deadlines.

Pay for what you use and need, not for a whole raft of back-office people, infrastructure, and consultants.